Why Solar?

The fact is you probably know someone who has installed solar on their home, or you’ve seen it in your neighborhood.  There is several reasons why these people are installing solar panels and why you should, as well.

Why Solar?

Lower Energy Bills

The first and most obvious reason would be to lower the energy bills on your home.  Especially with unforeseen rate hikes by local utility companies!  But, how is this possible with the high cost of panels, the other solar equipment needed and labor being so high?  

It’s because the financing options available allow you to spread the cost out over a long period of time and at a rate that is typically less than what your power bill would normally be.  For instance, if your bill was typically $250.00 per month, with solar, your payment may drop down to $200 per month.

It’s because of the energy produced by the panels on your roof that you experience these savings.

Increased Value of Your Home

The Appraisal Institute cited a study performed by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and stated in a 2014 report that “…each kilowatt of solar capacity could add about $6,000.00 in value to a home…” (The Appraisal Institute Report)  

Furthermore, in a separate study in 2015, Berkeley Lab states that homes with owned solar typically require less marketing, sell faster and “This equates to a premium of about $15,000.00 for a typical PV system.” (Berkeley Lab Report)

While the actual increased home value varies for a number of reasons, it is proven that the value does increase, the marketing of the home decreases and the home will sell faster with owned solar.

Your Energy Independence and Reduced Carbon Footprint

By installing solar on your home, you are producing your own power from an infinite resource, the sun.  Because it’s considered clean energy, you’re purchasing less from the government, or large utility companies and this means they can produce less.  

You are becoming more self-reliant on your own energy production while reducing the amount of coal or non-renewable resources that are being used while producing the power you had previously purchased.

Wow, that’s a mouthful

Supporting the Local Economy

Sure, most of the components used are manufactured outside the United States… but that is the case for many of the goods you buy.

But, by installing solar on your home, you’re supporting the local contractor(s) who live and support the same community you live in and support.  

Roof Replacement

Believe it or not, most people replace their roof when installing a solar system on their home.  Because of how the financing is set up, the roof replacement can almost always be rolled into the solar loan and be completed at the same time.

Talk about curb appeal, peace of mind, and increased home value!

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