It’s time to go solar, the “MOD” way. Installing solar on your home has never been easier. With MOD Solar, we’ve modernized and simplified the process. In fact, almost all your information can be collected right throughout our website and within hours you will have a clean, detailed and easy to read proposal.


Who Better to Install Solar than a ROOFER?

Historically and naturally, roofing companies damage the roof when installing the solar system.  It’s expected for this to happen and not typically an issue if the solar company plans for it, or does something about it.  

Mod Solar was founded by Dan “The Roofing Man” Grifford, owner of Max Roofing and he has been in the roofing industry for over twenty years in the state of Arizona.  His experience in dealing with other solar companies damaging roofing systems is paramount in ensuring your solar system is installed properly and with limited damage to your roof.

Mod Solar